Friday, March 6, 2009

I will go puke now...

Judge slams man's deal with stepdaughter

A MAN lured his teenage stepdaughter into having sex with him by signing a "contract" which agreed she could keep child bonus payments when she got pregnant.

The years of abuse was condoned by the man's wife because she was afraid to have another baby in case it had a congenital disease.

The case has been called one of the most bizarre child-sex cases to come before an Australian court as the stepfather not only got the girl to sign the contract but also made her keep a false diary in which she recorded having sex with a fictional boyfriend named "Luke".

The plan was to blame "Luke" when she became pregnant.

In the District Court in Brisbane last year, the stepfather, 36, was jailed for eight years after pleading guilty to maintaining a sexual relationship with a child under 16 years.

His wife, the girl's mother, was jailed for six months for playing a lesser role in the abuse.

The man was in the Court of Appeal yesterday opposing his sentence as being manifestly excessive.

The court was told the man abused the girl from when she was 12 until she was 16, from 2002 to 2006. The abuse reached a level where the man got his stepdaughter to "sign" a deal in which she would attempt to conceive a child by him.

The court was told the girl's mother had two other children who were both affected by Hirschsprung's disease – a congenital disorder of the colon. The mother and stepfather decided the risk was too great to have a child of their own and decided to ask the girl to become pregnant to the man.

He got the girl to sign a contract and promised her she could keep all of the "baby bonuses".

The court heard the man, with his wife's knowledge, had sex with the girl two or three times a day and she would often be kept home from school for the purpose. When police arrested the man, he told them: "Did you not see the fucking contract?"

Barrister Steve Kissick, for the man, argued that when all the mitigating factors were taken into account, the eight years' sentence should be reduced to six or seven years.

However, in a unanimous judgment the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal.

Chief Justice Paul de Jersey said the agreement reached between the man, his wife and stepdaughter was "bizarre and grossly reprehensible".

Are you serious with this? This pedophile made a 12 year old girl sign a contract to fuck? Even more grotesque, IT WAS HER STEP FATHER! Aren't parents supposed to protect children? Not fuck them and give them "BABY BONUSES"? How could the mother even condone this? How fucked in the head are people in Australia? Oh and keep a journal of this affair but call me Luke. For some odd reason I am picturing a trailer park with kangaroos and wallabees running around!
I hope this guy has to sign a contract to get ass reamed 3-5 times a day in prison. And he gets "mouth raped bonuses" from the bigguns in the yard.

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Anonymous said...

you guys rush too fast to judgement!! do we have a pic of this 16 yo so i can tell if he did the right thing???