Thursday, March 12, 2009

Suprise Suprise Yawn

The National Enquirer is running a story outing Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block as a gay man. Allegedly, his gay ex-lover, Kyle Wilker, has decided to tell all, complete with photos of them kissing!

“We had a wonderful relationship. I was in love with him and I believe he was in love with me,” says Kyle. Sure buddy. That’s why you’re selling your story to the National Enquirer. Because you’re so in love.

Kyle also divulges that Jonathan dating 80s pop sensation Tiffany was when he realized he was gay. Man, I would hate to be that girl! Hopefully Jonathan will find the courage to officially come out, but it still kind of sucks. He was the one I liked out of all of them–when I was in kindergarten. My 5-year-old self is devastated!

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Now normally this would be something that StyleGal would be writing about but since she and Frankbrown have gone M.I.A.(maybe they are on the run together), I guess I will have to post/blog about this.

I can honestly say that I have listened to the New Kids over the years. I mean who from the Boston area hasn't? But does this shock anyone that Jonathan Knight is the gay one? They all have to play their parts right? Donnie D is the player. Joey Mac is the pretty boy. Jordan is the spoiled one. Danny is the jock/dumb one. That means Jonathan is the one who likes boys. Now Chrissy this does mean you have a chance with someone from NKOTB.

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Anonymous said...

Man the blog going through tough financial times?? style gal get laid off??

d said...

I think she might be slumming on another blog. She hasn't written in months. I did have to do some restructuring of contracts. She was holding out for 2 martinis and 1 redbull vodka. We were offering 1 and 1.

Iggles said...

restructuring contracts? In these economic times you take what you can get. I post for free and am happy I have that job!

Anonymous said...

and we are happy you blog iggles, each blog has the potential to ruin your relationship or someone else's!! fabulous

Anonymous said...

N.K.O.T.B.T.F. ?

New Kids Of the Balls to Face I guess ???