Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The dart team won last night 11-0 on a forfeit by the other team. The Bigshow was 3-0 in his MMDL debut. It is a dreary Wednesday and I am not in the mood for writing so I am going to post a few links that I think are good for the day.

Need a date?

Did you say Love Triangle?

Hot deals for today

A Smarter Vegas

4th Annual Boston Bar Golf Invitational

Above the law?

Uhm is this a "special" fight club?


Iggles said...

Love Triangle: Just curious...but why did she need to see a 'stack of photographs' to identify the guy she was screwing? How many other nameless guys did you screw today lady?

Iggles said...

Above the Law: I love those crazy Pennsylvanians!