Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Skunk Weed"

Some scenarios law officers just can’t be trained for, such as finding a bag of marijuana produced from the rectal area of a female recently engaged in coitus with another female.

Responding to a call of a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of the Dollar General Store on US 231 shortly before 1 a.m. Friday , deputies found two partially nude females, ages 24 and 20, engaged in sexual activity in a 2005 white Nissan.

After allowing the women to get dressed, Deputies observed multiple white pills in the vehicle, according to a Bay County Sheriff’s Office incident report. The 20-year-old woman told officers the pills, a generic form of Lower Tab, Lortab, were hers and she did not have a prescription for them. The woman then confessed to having a baggie of marijuana, which she “retrieved…from her rectum.”

The woman was released and told to contact an investigator Monday. The marijuana was kept as evidence.

This story is even better than the guy stabbing 3 of his friends for buying the wrong beer. I mean what is wrong with a little coitus between two young females in a 2005 Maxima? This sounds like a scene in a Cinemax soft porn. Except the cops would join in with the 2 girls and then it would be an all out orgy in the parking lot.
I wonder why there are no pictures accompanied with this story? And why did the girl have the weed stuck up her ass? Was that part of their kinky sex act? Why did she even offer up the fact she was packing a a baggie of weed up her ass? Does this Lortab get you all fucked up?? Maybe Smiddy was on the Lortab 2 weekends ago when we went out drinking?

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