Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who ya got?

Chrissy week 11

FrankBrowns Natural stache week 1

Chrissy week 10

The list of my unemployed friends grew this past week with Chrissy getting laid off. Then his second job also cut back on his hours. Bad week to be Christian Daniel Macphail.
He is now taking propositions for $MONEY$. Rumor has it he will let you get him tatted up if you pay for the tat and give him $100.

The T shirt are in. I bought 10 shirts and 6 are spoken for. If anyone else wants one let me know - $20.00


Iggles said...

It looks like that Angelina Wanna B lady will need a babysitter in the very near future. Maybe Chrissy can go work for her.

Anonymous said...

Would he get this exact tat??

Anonymous said...

two girls licking a cock that might resemble a butterfly?? hmmm ill do it but it will cost more than $100

Anonymous said...

oh and for all the jokes, it looks like frankbrown should have started on his stache a little earlier...