Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ice Fishing is for the Birds

Coast Guard: About 150 trapped on Lake Erie ice
By KANTELE FRANKO, Associated Press Writer Kantele Franko, Associated Press Writer
1 min ago

COLUMBUS, Ohio – About 150 people were trapped on a slab of ice about 8 miles wide that had broken free and floated away from the Ohio shoreline of Lake Erie, the Coast Guard said Saturday.

Coast Guard Petty Officer William Mitchell says about 55 had been rescued by mid-afternoon, and authorities were worried the ice floe could break up.

Several ships and helicopters from Toledo and Marblehead were sent to rescue the people from the ice floe. Coast Guard Petty Officer George Degener said there were no reports of injuries, but WTOL-TV in Toledo said one person was taken to a hospital after falling into the water.

Authorities said fishermen apparently used wooden pallets to create a bridge over a crack in the ice so they could go farther out on the lake. But the planks fell into the water when the ice shifted, stranding the fishermen about 1,000 yards off shore.

Ice on western sections of Lake Erie is up to 2 feet thick, National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Randel said. He said it started to crack as temperatures rose above freezing this weekend and wind gusting to 35 mph pushed on the ice.

Ice fisherman who regularly visit the lake have said this winter's thick ice has lured more people to the lake this year.

Ohio Division of Wildlife spokeswoman Jamey Graham said the state annually warns fishermen that there's no such thing as "safe ice."

Even in very cold weather, the ice on western Lake Erie is often unsafe because currents can easily cause the ice to shift. Firefighters in communities along the lake are trained for rescues from the ice and are often on guard when temperatures rise.

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