Monday, February 9, 2009

Case of the Mondays

This weekend seemed to go by quicker than most. Maybe it was the unusually warm weather we had. Maybe it was all the boozing? Maybe I need a vacation? I don't really know the reason but I would of liked it to be a bit slower.

Things I learned this weekend:
1. No matter how nice the weather is someone will still bitch.
2. Ned Devines is too pricey.
3. People are looking forward to the Valentines day crawl.
4. Joey T's return is THE ticket in town.
5. Big Show is not happy about being 30.
6. Beers and me are cool. Captain and me are not so cool.
7. Drunk Mitchell getting asked to leave Shenanigans was too funny.
8. Laughing at Smiddys back pain Is funny just not to Smiddy!
9. I miss that Dude your getting a Dell commercial.
10. Drunk Fun Mario should come out more often.

Tonight is the Beanpot championship game, BU vs Northeastern. Number 1 vs Number 3? Who do you like?


Anonymous said...

oh man putting mitchell's name out there!! i'm sure it was mistaken identity or something mitch!!

Iggles said...

I think mitch needs to envoke the no name policy.