Thursday, February 26, 2009

Times are tough...

And I am here to help with this current economic situation! How?? Easy!
The Beer Bucket my friend:

The Beer bucket is a brilliant idea founded by Benjamin Franklin himself. How more American can you get? The story goes, one day while flying his kite Benny boy was craving some libations. He ran into his local watering hole and ordered up 5 ales for him and his boys. He told the bar keep to put them in a bucket filled with ice so he can take them back out to the field to keep flying his kite. The rest is history, you know the whole electricity thing and shit.

Now back to my original thought! During these lean times why not drink more frequently at places that serve Beer Buckets. We are in a recession after all.
Here are some places that serve them:
1. Slainte(formerly the 6 House)
2. The Junction
3. The Sunset grill
4. The Tap
5. Courtside(Cambridge)
6. Mt Vernon at the wharf
7. Improv Asylum - catch a show with some beer buckets
8. Rattlesnake
9. Pour House
10. Revolution Rock bar

Now lets get out there and stimulate the economy...with more Beer Buckets!

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