Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yes I know.....Hockey Time is a little early this week. But with ChiefDude going on an extended vacation I think we can move Hockey Time to Saturdays. In no way am I suggesting that ChiefDude's vacation is a cover for what he is really doing on 'vacation' but I think the picture says it all. Have fun during jailtime.......i mean vacation ChiefDude.

We need to take a couple of minutes to talk to the members of the Wanna B's list. We understand you may be new to hockey so don't start jumping off the bandwagon because the Bruins have lost 3 in a row. They are still 6-2-2 in the last 10 and have a lock on the division. Hockey is like have a bad 10 to 15 game stretch where the puck doesn't bounce your way. It's better to get this out of their system now before the playoffs start.

This weeks ice girl spotlight is on the LA Kings KINGS CREW! A quick shout-out to a Hockey Time fan for sending us this picture of the KINGS CREW in 'action'....I can't really confirm these girls are actually KINGS CREW members but lets be honest, does it really matter? The video also has a preview of tomorrows game of the week between the Rangers and Flyers. It's always a good game when these two match-up......plenty of hard hits and fights. Game starts at 12:30 tomorrow.


ChiefDude said...

Dude now everyone knows im part of the Madoff scandel. SHIT!

Anonymous said...

i'll be at the kings game in march, hope they bring their "ice girls", MONO for everyone

d said...

That 5-3 short handed goal in the flyers game was SICK!

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