Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The wheels are falling off...

The dart team is in shambles!!! We lost 7-4.
1. Mike G had to work late and he couldn't make darts.
2. Big Bob Valenti had his spleen removed and was resting up for next week.
3. Handsome Jared STRAIGHT UP QUIT before our matches...WALKED OUT ON THE TEAM JUST LIKE GARY.
4. BigShow has yet to actually show up and play. Do you still want on the team Show?
5. I do not believe we have won a cricket match this season.
6. Supah P was throwing up blood but managed to play through it and win his match.

Player of the week Sean "Supah P" Meehan.

Lets hope that we can right this ship before next week.

The Bruins put a beating on the Panthers last night, 6-1.

Here are the current standings:

If the playoffs were to start tomorrow the play offs would look like this:
#1 Bruins vs #8 Sabres
#2 Caps vs #7 Panthers
#3 Devils vs #6 Rangers
#4 Flyers vs #5 CUNTnadians

Those are some really good match ups but we still have to wait till the end of the season. A whole lot can change in the next 21 games. I am pretty sure there are secret Wanna B's who have been hiding all season and they will start popping out around playoff time. Everyone should be on high alert. You will be able to spot them with their new Bruins apparel and their limited knowledge of only the current team. Keep up the good work and keep the names coming.

On a side note - I am giving up soda for Lent!

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congrats supah p!!