Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hockey Time

OK kids....the Super Bowl is over so it's time to move on. In regards to sports, February has to be far and away the worst month of the year. No football, baseball hasn't started, basketball......well basketball just sucks regardless of what time of year it is. Thankfully the Daytona 500 is only 2 weeks away! So this is the time of year I start paying attention to hockey.....now I'll admit I'm not a die hard hockey guy. But I think that mostly comes from trying to follow my team (the Flyers) by just reading what's being written on-line. Does anyone know what channel Versus is on Fios? And let me tell you that it's real hard to read about hockey when you can't even pronounce the names....uggghhhh. Besides the regular season is pretty irrelevant in hockey, it all comes down to who has the hot goalie going into the playoffs. Hockey needs to be watched in person which is why I'm hopeful Mrs. Iggles will enjoy her first hockey game this Saturday.

Anyway, since some of you pay very little attention to hockey we will see if we can show you what hockey is all about. Not sure how often I'll do it but we'll post a video with some of the better hits, goals, and saves of the preceding week/s. As a bonus I'll include a little feature on the each teams 'ice girls'. So pay attention and if you have any questions don't ask me....send them to Mr. Booze.


Anonymous said...

ICE GIRLS!! you be careful at the game wait for some odd reason the ice girls never come to that section! YOU CAN THANK ME NOW, saved your relationship once again mr iggles

d said...

Love the videos!

RIO said...

Job well done Iggles