Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where is Nitty...Damn It!

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times. Antero Nittymaki should be the day to day starting goaltender for the Flyers. First of all he's from Finland and we all know how I love those Nordic goalkeepers (right Pelle!). He was the MVP in the 2006 Winter Olympics, he can shoot the puck like Hextall, he won the Calder Cup for the Phantoms (Flyers minor league team)....need I say more?

So I guess you need more proof? OK...take a look at this video of Marty Biron. For the love of God what is he thinking? Let's see you are in a 4-4 tie late in the third period and you come 20 feet out of the net to stop a break-away. Once you gain control of the puck you figure this is a good time to whip out the behind the back goalie pass? Seriously?

So cut the crap and get Nitty in net immediately!


d said...

I saw that but I didnt want to make Iggles too angry on a Sunday!

Anonymous said...

philly is going to be tough in the playoffs and since the iggles posted that dont worry b's fans, they have been spiralling downward!! Typical philly punk move