Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Just wanted to give a shout out to the dart team. We beat the #1 team in the league with a 7-4 whooping last night. It was great to see Adams and Foley back in action. They may just be the spark that we needed to get over the hump. J-Rod and Adam played lights out. Gary is feeling his way through it all. Lets hope Jeffreys Bell-Biv-Devoe gets better soon. Next weeks game is at the Pony room. Come by and drink if ya want. Lots of laughs!

Congrats to Adams and his wife on being preggo!!! Baby Kevin is on the way.

Just so you know my Bruins season tickets came in yesterday.

Very very exciting. Lots of buzz surrounding this team. I am hoping that they keep the Sturm-Bergeron-Kessel and the Ryder-Savard-Lucic lines in tact. I think we could be onto something.
I'll be going to the game this Saturday. Pre-gaming at DJ's at the Garden. Come on down if you want some beers, shots and watch some college football.

I forgot how fun the T can be. I was at Andrew Station yesterday afternoon when a female was flipping out. She was telling me, well I assume it was me she was talking to since I was all the way down the opposite end of the platform, that she was going to go and stab the the attendant because she wouldn't let her in for free. "I will stab her over a $1.50", "That bitch don't know me", "No, No, No let me call my man - Tyrone? Yeah you best get down here to Andrew...Imma bout to slap this bitch!". Needless to say that was the highlight of my day(Prior to the Bruins tickets coming).


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