Friday, September 26, 2008

90210 (2.0)

"Wide Awake and Dreaming"

Ok…sorry for the delay…it is just that I am not feeling the new 90210. I know some of you….have told me to move on to the new characters but I can’t. After watching Tuesday night’s episode it just makes me sad that Brenda’s last episode is going to be Tuesday. So SAD!

So it is the opening night for the play at West Bev Spring Awakening. In the opening scenes it shows the gang rehearsing and Annie is stepping in for Adrianna because she once again didn’t show up for rehearsal. Brenda has them take a dinner break and in walks Harry, Kelly and Ryan to show support to Brenda and let her know how the play is going. Harry is walking around and spots Annie and Ty making out back stage is not pleased at all to see his daughter playing tonsil hockey with the star of the show. Harry is very disturbed by this. He then talks to Debbie about this and Debbie says that she will handle it with Annie. I mean come on kids are going to make out……Debbie talks to Annie and Annie just yes’s her to death.

Cut to Naomi…..Naomi storms into her mother’s room and finds her in the same spot that she was 9 hours ago when she left for school. Naomi demands that her mother get out of bed and that the go food shopping together. But she says no and just wants to wallow of the loss of her husband by the hussy that he has been dating. Naomi then calls her dad to come and intervene. Once he shows up Naomi’s mom is well put together- dressed to the and make up done, and her husband and her have break up sex. They later decide that it would be best to divorce. Naomi is crushed by the news…….

Back at school Brenda is showing concern about Adrianna (she is Naomi’s friend from the first episode) Adrianna comes in late for rehearsal complain about all the things that her mother has made her do……go to a trainer, tons of auditions, and how when she doesn’t get the part she is too old, not blonde, or too fat. She just seems like she is falling apart and Brenda wants to help her out …you can see it in her eyes. Brenda meets with Kelly and discusses Adrianna and both of them go to Ryan (her English teacher) Kelly and Ryan agree that Adrianna should not be in the play she has been showing up to school all banged up and disheveled looking that she needs to get her act together, but Brenda thinks that she can save the day and disagrees with them and is keeping Adrianna in the play.

Annie is talking to Silver about having sex with Ty. Annie is a virgin and is really nervous about giving it up…..Silver thinks that she should wait and then Naomi butts in and says that she thought they were shacking up already.

Opening night, everyone is all geared up for tonight’s opening and after party at the Roosevelt Hotel!! I for one was like are you kidding me??????????? The Roosevelt Hotel….anywho…Ty told Annie that he got a room for the two of them and Annie right there and then decides that she is going to sleep with Ty.

Brenda met with Adrianna before the play begins to warm up her voice, and in walks her monster of a mother. He mother told them that there is going to be 14 agents and producers in the audience and to make sure she goes to stage left because that is where they will be sitting.

Everyone is getting ready backstage for the play. Except for Adrianna who decided to get all high and slurry and can’t perform. Brenda then tells Annie (her understudy) to get her act together and get ready to take over for Adrianna.

Adrianna is not pleased at all when she sees Annie up on stage. She is watching her from the audience. Her mother denies that he daughter is using. These people are such idiots!

We cut to the end of the play and everyone is bowing and giving flowers to Brenda and Annie. Annie is back stage and runs into her brother Dixon . She asks Dixon for the condom that he has been carrying around for 4 years!!! He was like this is awkward and let’s pretend this never happened. Annie is running for joy that she has her condom and off to the Roosevelt when she bumps into Ethan. The condom drops as well as the flowers Ethan got for Annie. Ethan picks up the condom upset that Annie is thinking about doing the deed with Ty. He told Annie that she should do it with someone that she really cares about and she said I tried it just didn’t work out…OUCH to Ethan!!

To the Roosevelt we go. Dixon and Silver are heating up with a HUGE make out session on an oversized beach chair. Dixon is now regretting that he gave to condom to Annie, he says this out loud and Silver told him that she wants to take it slow!

Annie is knocking at Ty’s door and Adrianna answers it. Adrianna went to Tys room to get back at Annie. However, Ty turned her down but Annie does not know this. So as Annie walks in she finds Adrianna in a towel, the bed all messed up and the shower going because “ty was in there”..wink wink…….Annie runs out and we see Adrianna shutting the shower off with no ty in there.

Annie is running through outside at the Roosevelt bumps into Ethan and Naomi crying her eyes out saying how she is just not like the people here.

Annie goes home and cries herself to sleep.

Next week and upcoming: We finally get more information about Brandon and Dylan’s whereabouts…….Brenda’s’ last episode…

Till next week
xoxo Kristine

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Anonymous said...

Who wants to bet Adrianna fakes a pregancy that resulted from her 'fling' with Ty. Can't wait!