Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vacation time

Vacation starts at 3:00 today! I am sure when I get back from the Steele city there will be tons to blog about. Hope the Pittsburgh Zoo is better than Franklin Park Zoo or the Stone Zoo.

The dart team is revamped and revitalized! Welchie has dubbed us the Trailblazers of the Commonwealth Dart league.
3 new guys:
3 returning vets:
Supah P

We lost one of the good ones in Foley.
As for everyone else - Chuck, Adams, Jeffrey and Mike G all bailed for some dumbass reason or another. Maybe next year we can get permission slips and have them signed by their ladies! BITCHES!!
We lost again 6-5! WE WILL GET IT RIGHT!
Next week is a bye week. Week 4 match is at Peggys against the Lower Mills Pub. Feel free to come down, have some beers and support the New JailBlazers.

I hope that Scotty, Rio and ChiefDude can keep the blog posts up to date because I don't plan on using a computer until I get back.

See you when I get back.


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