Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor day

Happy Labor day.
The Wingalympics was a huge success.
Congrats to Charlie "chomp em and stop em" Ferlauto on the Gold Plate win!
Great Job by Jimmy 2 thumbs.

Final results:
1. Charlie "Chomp em and Stop em" Ferlauto 79 wings
2. Jimmy "Two Thumbs" 75 wings
3. Jason "Last Hurrah" Foley 68 wings
4. Steve "Bring the heat" Keith 56 wings
5. Mario "Hot Sizzle" Long 53 wings
6. Jeffrey "The Wing King" 48 wings

DQ'D Chrissy "El Wingador" Macphail 63 wings...disqualified for puking

Here are some pics from the event. Lets hope that next years is bigger badder and more wings.

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Anonymous said...

Smiddy cheering on Rio is awesome kid looks like he had money on the event