Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sons of Anarchy Review

So for those of you that stayed up and watched the new show Sons of Anarchy on FX what did you think? I have to say that I will be watching this show every Weds, or at least i say that right now. The show takes place in Charming, CA and is about a motorcycle gang who trys to protect its town from drug dealers, and other motorcycle gangs. While doing so the Sons of Anarchy are involved in illegal gun trading.
The show revolves around a 30 year old man named Jax, whose father and friend Clay (who is the current President of the MC Club) started the Sons of Anarchy MC club. Jax's father, John Teller was killed years earlier, leaving one of his co-founders and friends, Clay, in charge of the club and also to remarry his wife and matriarch of the club, Gemma(Katie Sagal). After one show the critics are calling it the west coast version of the Sopranos. I wouldn't go that far just yet it has only been one episode, not that it wasn't a good one but those are some big shoes to fill. Last nights episode was a good one, however the 2nd episode seems to be one for the ages. The drama seems to unfold in the 2nd episode a bit more than the pilot, shows drama is basically about a family of criminals who are at odds with the law, rival gangs, and while at the same time face their own family drama.
So with all this said, I have to say the show has some promise with a good cast and look forward to watching next weeks episode. So check it out on FX and feel free to write what you think of it!!



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