Monday, May 4, 2009

It's on

Like Donkey Kong bitches!! I honestly don't even know what that even means but it sounds so fun.

Things that I have learned this weekend:
1. Showing up for work bombed on a Monday is funny.
2. William J Smiddy used to sell club mix cds out of his nanas basement in high school.
3. Mikes car may get stolen but his pants won't.
4. Woofing down nachos at the Bruins game will get your tongue burnt...ouchie.
5. If there is a New Kids on the Block revision MJT will play Donnie D.
6. Bitches love furry beards.
7. Jen still puts on a good pub crawl, even though 5 bars is just a hop, skip and a jump.
8. Puppies are cute.

9. The Bruins looked like world beaters Friday night and like doormats on Sunday night.
10. The Celtics have a tough road ahead of them if they want to meet the Lebrons in the conference finals.

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