Friday, August 7, 2009

Fantasy time...

Fantasy football is coming up people.

Here is the order for the ADSL 4th fantasy season:

1. Nacho Papa - Rob Knudsen
2. SFlabo - Stephen Flaherty
3. Smidawgs - Bill Smiddy
4. Brady's Bombers - Scott Deegan
5. MFN - Derek Whitley
6. Street Pharmacist - Ryan Lundrigan
7. D Street Dirtbags - Thomas Lundrigan
8. Slippery Wizards- Mike Tofuri
9. Dress wearers - Carlos Mendes
10. JSL Enterprises - Jeffrey Lundrigan


Mjt said...

in between 3 lundrigans and carlos! not even the slipperist of slippery wizards can survive! i'm screwed

SFLABO said...

Anyone want to trade up for the # 2 pick? Swap first and seconds SKZA??? Deegs? Brady might not last until 4, get him while he's hot.

Iggles said...

No thanks....picks 2 through 5 is a dead zone in this years draft.

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