Saturday, November 15, 2008

The 10-Pack

Mrs. Iggles went up to Maine for the day so we all know what that means….IGGLES TIME!! All you married folk understand the need for your private time, I like to get 16 hours of IGGLES TIME a week. While enjoying IGGLES TIME I came across some good stuff that I thought everyone would enjoy.

You can never go wrong with funny beer photos.

How is that nobody has told me there is still a women’s roller derby league? I would travel to see this people. Road trip?

Everybody loves a college prank. The best part comes around the 1:15 mark. For those of you who can’t watch YouTube at work I apologize, but you really should be WORKING!

I know I’m about 2 weeks late but we may have a candidate for best Halloween costume…….EVER!

We would like to thank The World of Isaac for this. And God Bless America!

Did someone say coffee? DISCLAIMER: In case Mrs. IGGLES reads this. Under no circumstances do I agree with the article.

Not only did this Sox fan get OWNED. But he gets up and starts talkin’ shit afterwards. LOVE IT!

This is the part about being Atheist that sucks. If I celebrated Christmas this would be at the top of my Christmas list. I need a shirt like this damn it!

Couture-Lesnar tonight!

You can never go wrong linking to a Bill Simmons mailbag. But this got me thinking why don’t we have a mailbag section for this blog? I’m calling Not It right now.

Just a heads up for the Costanza fans/haters out there. The IGGLES household is having Fios installed on Tuesday so the ADSL Weekly Review may be a little delayed on Tuesday.


d said...

Carlos' lady friend IS ON A ROLLER DERBY TEAM!!!

d said...

As far as the mail bag goes...I'll answer any and all questions!! SEND EM ALONG

Iggles said...

We have a local roller derby?

d said...