Monday, November 28, 2022

We made it

We got  33 days till 2023!

Looks like Covid season is finally winding down.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Hershey PA is fucking far my dudes.

2. It is Cyber Monday make sure you get them deals.

3. Going out for Thanksgiving dinner was something different.

4. When getting a back piece do you get it down on the ass?

5. Jeffrey and Joey just out there drinking whiskey.

6. Have you heard that Justin shattered his lower leg? Both Tibia and Fibula.

7. Beef barbacoa is underrated and fire.

8. Criminal Minds is back and not bad (same but different).

9. Perfectly normal to name a white dog Yayo right? Thanks!

10. Please tell me you guys(and gals) have seen the Never Ending Story.

11. Day 1 after being off for 4 days is always a blur.

12. Chrissy is slowly becoming a dog whisperer. He has puppy training class this Friday - stay tuned.

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