Tuesday, November 29, 2022

TMX week 12

Week 12 is in the books and we are officially in the witching hour as the kids call it. NOW is the time to make your move to try and get into the money. First place has officially (by TMX) been clinched. In the history of ADSL no team has ever blown a lead over 100 going into week 13 so the fight is now for 2nd and 3rd place. Let take a look at how week 12 ended up. 

st place this week was Hong Kong Street Pharmacist with `165. Jacobs WENT OFF for 55 points including a game clinching 86yd td that was worth 19 points alone! Connors is back to rb 1 with 25 and Lamar is running again. They also left 26 on the bench with Dolphins D.  Its the 3rd win of the year for HK Street Pharm. 

2nd place this week and peeking out from the cellar is Doom and Gloom with 158. D&G had a huge week from Hurts who at halftime looked to be on his way to a 60 burger but finished with 38. Wrs Higgins and Jefferson went for 25 and 29. The new rbs D&G started combined for 25 while old friend I shot ya was on the bench with 24!! D&G is now locked and loaded with Deshaun coming back looking to wheel and deal his way up the standings. 

3rd Place this week was Prebathtubwhitney with 138. Prebathtubwhitney may have fixed Herbie as he came alive for the first time since week 4. SunGod is healthy and Ekler is scoring every week putting the gutter fighting champ in a weird spot actually trying to get to the money. Starting Dick Johnson at tight end and getting 0 probably isn't the way to do that (TMX note name changed to protect a guy putting up zero after getting a ball in the endzone off the face).  

4th place this week was Equalizers who continue to ride league MVP Mahomes. This week got a break out game from Miles "Boobie " Sanders  who put up 143 and 2 tds after back to back weeks of just putting up 5! Equalizers also got some Monday night action with tds from JT ( who's officially back) and Pittman. TMX stats reports Pittman is avg 14 points with Matty Ice and is WR 14 overall with Ice. Tell him Matty is cooked but you better duck after you say it. 

5th place this week was Silly Gooses with 134. Gooses looked primed to go with Murray back and running ( 56yds) and Nick Folk once again putting up double digits. Tyreek put up just 12 partially due to the Dolphins resting starters and cramping but Gooses are still in the mix. 

6th place this week was Slippery Wizards with 124. Chubb got one of the fantasiest tds late in the game when the Browns could have just kicked a fg to end it to help an otherwise average day. Lamb is playing at wr1 level but so were GODwin and new toy Wilson who were left on the bench ( 52pts combined) while Gabe Davis came up small with 5 points. The battle for the basement is still in sight for Slippery Wizards and leaving 52 on the bench is concerning. 

7th place this week was Moco Loco with 119. Since winning the week in week 6 Moco Loco hasnt had a top 5 finish!  Josh Allen may finally be back putting up 33 and waiver wire finds Schultz and Perine put up 17 a piece but Mocos need Chase back on the case and fast as they are slipping into no mans land. Kamara continues to disappoint this week putting up just 4 points! 

8th place this week was Burrow my dick in your ass with 96. Burrow was lead by Burrow who put up a pedestrian 20pts and Kelce had a rare off game ( 13 points by any other tight end is jump for joy shit) Dj Moore may have found a qb that is ready and willing to use him as he had a good game 23 on the bench. Burrow lost Najee to a lesion adominal ( spanish for tummy ache). Najee did score before leaving and Burrows will have to keep an eye on that but have JK Dobbins coming back and hoping the Peirce can bounce off that rookie wall and get back to rushing for 100 and tds like earlier in the year. They are too close to the money to not make it happen! 

9th place this week was Flyingdingoes with 90 points. Dingoes leading scorer this week was Tom Brady with 22 and in 2022 you arent winning many weeks with Tom Brady as your leading scorer with 22! Jamaal got his usual td and King Henry had a rare off day where he had more rec yards than rushing and had a huge catch and run that ended with a fumble in the endzone, very unKing like. Keenan Allen is back which will help and benching Watson is questionable with Mr Watson scoring tds all over the place ( 34,19,24 last 3 weeks) the basement fight is real and these plays can be costly. 

10th place this week was Charlies Angels with 74. The Angels were led by who else but TUA who put up 299 and a td in 3 quarters of work. The blowout cost him of another big game (40,35,29 last 3 weeks) and that hurt the Angels as did ETN putting up 0 with a foot injury that coach said "not a big deal just being cautious" well no time for that when basement fights are here. Walker helped with 2 tds and looked like he could've had more but wasnt used as much. Hollywood Brown is now back so the wr group got stronger. Climbling out of the basement is gonna depend on Tua playing full games and the upcoming schedulre should make sure he does ( SF, LAC, Buf). Its go time. 

Lets make some calls. First up from Charlies Angels a good friend of TMX Deebo Samuel. Yo, Deebo whats good? " Oh man TMX how you been? TMX AND MY DOGS BITE hahaha get it! " Yeah good one Deebs but this is a serious call here, its late in the season and well you've kinda been underperforming  " Oh come on TMX you coming at me like that? Im working as hard as ever but we got alot of weapons you know" Oh we get it but you were the 6th wr taken and you currently have 4 more points than Tyler Boyd on the season. " WAIT you comparing me to Tyler Boyd? TMX you gonna get me tight!" No, no Deebo just saying last year you were over 20 points 8 times this year only once? " I get it, TMX mark my words, if my hammy gets right I'm going over 20. Put that down. We got no Mitchell and that new boy we brought in aint bout to carry the load so I'm gonna get it" Well, well, well thats our first ever hammy get right prediction! GOOD LUCK Deebo always a friend of TMX ( FOT). 

Gonna go a little off the path here and return a call we got from a gentleman name Anon Omous Sources. Hi is this Anon Omous Sources? " Yeah its me this TMX?" It is. First strange name and how did you come across TMX's number? " You can just call me SOURCES thats what most people do, I know people thats how I got your number do you want to hear what I got?" Uhhhm well sure " Well, I heard that the top team in your league one of the owners doesnt even watch football and at one point tried to drop Mark Andrews but had to be talked out of it!! We put a trace on him and hes always at this Crossfit jamboree thing" I mean not sure where youre going with this? " The point is  He  hasnt made one transaction all year just sitting back and taking credit basically he's milli vanilli and should be stripped of his ownership" Uhhm well this aint the grammies Mr Sources and we appreciate the call but thats up to the team to decide who does what during the season. " I'm just letting you know who's real and who aint but your call you are TMX and all." Yeah thanks. Keep doing what you do Mr Sources we will keep doing what we do. Boy that was something, who knew we'd get a call saying an owner was milli vanilli. Wild. Blame it on the rain I guess. Lets check the standings;


         1. Hong Kong Street Pharmacist

      2. Prebathtubwhitney                                        132pt

     3. Equalizers                              135pt

     4. Burrow my dick in yo ass                 158pt

     5. Silly Gooses                             161pt

     6. Moco Loco                              180pt  

     7. Slippery Wizards                                        216pt

         8. Flyingdingoes                           246pt

        9. Doom and Gloom                        272pt

    10. Charlies Angels                          302pt





 Well this is it boys. Time to make moves. Trade deadline is coming up on DEC 12 so its now or never. Lets hope for some big Josh Jacob type games this week and no injuries. Good Luck and as always folan.com  for everything.

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