Tuesday, November 8, 2022

TMX week 9

Byemageddon week 9 is in the books! Wont be another big bye week til week 14 and if we are being honest no real bigtime players on those teams like this past week. We had a trade this week, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT, a real live trade! Silly Gooses and Burrows swapped Najee ( hasn't scored over 12pts all season) Harris and Mike Thomas (immediately put on IR) for Zeke and Adam Theilen. TMX does not comment on who wins trades as we are a pro-trade organization, that said- winters coming boys get the fleece out!! LETS HIT THE REVIEW.  

First place this week was Flyingdingoes with 151. The Dingoes spent weeks 2,3 and 4 in the basement and were being publicly mocked by other teams but have now put together back to back 150 point weeks and are far away from the dank darkness of the basement as they make their push to the top. Mixon put up a season high 58 points and King Henry is mowing people down with another 100yd td week! Dingoes threw (see what we did there) Mariotta out there instead of Brady and got 7 points from the non throwing qb! Brady may have gotten the message with the benching so it could be all systems go this week!! 

2nd Place this week was Charlies Angels with 148. Angels have also risen out from the basement (wks 5,6,7) with their second straight strong week. The top waiver acquisitions of Ken Walker and healthy Tua put up 65 and seem like "league winners"!! ETN has taken hold of that rb1 spot in Jax and the Angels seem to have it all going with Deebo off the bye and AJ Brown putting up numbers it looks like a set it forget it lineup each week over there. The only thing stopping this team is if  Ken  Walker forgets his passport for the trip to Germany this week! 

3rd Place this week was Burrow my dick in yo ass with 137. Davante Adams redeemed himself after the zero in week 8 and put up 36 while Burrow only had 21 due to Mixon running wild. Kelce was his usual steady self but Burrow decided to play a kicker who was out and took a zero there.  TMX is the first to tell you kickers matter and that ya cant be just taking zeroes Greg the leg was on the bench putting up 9!! Burrows is in the mix and needs to make sure they are getting all the points!! 

4th place this week is Equalizers with 129. Mahomes continues to carry them and this week put up 46 while The Drake is a thing again in Baltimore and he chipped in 23. Somehow Equalizers is able to overcome JT and big Mike Williams injuries as well as Playoff Lenny having a few rough weeks to still be close to the money! Remarkable managing over there at Equalizers headquarters. 

5th place this week was Silly Gooses with 120 led by wr 1 Tyreek with 28 and kicker of the year Folk putting up another big game ( 14pts). Murray and Dhop had average weeks for the first time since Dhop came back from cheating suspension. The Zeke trade should help the hurting rb situation as they only got 9pts this week!! Silly Gooses with trades and active waiver adds is firmly in contention for the money. 

6th place this week was Prebathtubwhitney with 114. Ekler continues to be one of the best value picks of the draft as he scored again and Dallas Goedart led all tight ends with 25 this week. TMX was unable to contact Prebathtubwhitney's management as to why the Boogiemen were left on the bench playing a rookie qb at home? ( 32pts!) Prebathtubs hopes and dreams are with Justin Herbert who once again had an off game and was even outscored by Cousins whos running around with his shirt off and chains on begging for the start. Lets see if they pull the trigger and bench the struggling Herbert! 

7th place this week was Slippery Wizards with 106. SW spent the last 8 weeks begging for qb help and finally got it with Fields putting up a 50 burger! The rest of the team? Not so much, as the rbs combined for 17 and wr combined for 13!!! Slippery Wizards are sliding into that basement and had better hope they can get more weeks like that from Fields and the rest of the team actually showing up or they may wanna hit up Lane Bryant for a summer dress!  

8th place this week was Doom and Gloom with 104. Hurts and Jefferson had their usual solid weeks but getting 8 total from the rb position is not going to cut it!! Josh Palmer was the top waiver pickup but didnt crack the lineup! Fighting from the basement D&G cant afford to leave 19 on the bench. Swifty looks to be getting more reps going forward and Ertz/Everett are useable tight ends that may have a market so look for D&G to be out there shopping them and maybe a kicker as he has 2 kicker 1s. 

9th place this week was Moco Loco with 94. Good news is TMX fav Cordarelle Patterson was back and of course scored twice and Waddle put up his usual good game. Bad news is Allen had a rare off day and may have injured his elbow! Moco will need to get his medical team on this and possibly check the trade options or roll with Trev Lawrence! Prayers up, TMX hearts Allen. 

10th place this week was Hong Kong Street Pharmacists with 92. Since his 52 point week in week 3 Lamar Jackson has only one week over 25 points! Luckily HK Street Pharmacist has a big lead and Cooper Kupp continues to produce. Ljax is gonna be on bye next week which should also allow Andrews to get fully healthy and HK Streets Pharmacist will look to continue to push their first place lead. Lets get on the horn. 

First up from last place team we will give old Lamar Jackson a call. Hey Lamar what's good it TMX. " TMX what up! How you guys doing? We got another win tonight 3 in a row heading into the bye everything is clicking!" Well not really every Lamar, I mean you havent been putting up big numbers " oh shoot come on TMX i'm a top qb and i'm doing everything I can for HK Street Pharmacists, big truss! I even showed that dude who got fired from apple some new crossfit moves . " Well that's all well and good but I'm sure they would rather another 50 burger like week 3? " alright BET! I'm getting Mark back and we fixing to light up whoever we playing week 11! Count on it" Okie dokie we will send that to old takes exposed. Lets give a call to Joey Mixon from the winning team. Hey Joe its TMX you ever heard of us? " TMX? oh hells yeah been following you guys for a while!! Call me Joey Paydirt! HA get it? I scored 5 times this week, I was on fire!" Oh you were indeed uhm Joey Paydirt. You hadnt scored over 20 all year and your last 4 weeks COMBINED was less that what you put up Sunday! " OH you got numbers TMX? Come on you know Burrows been slinging it all over the place but now Chase is down they neeeeeeeeeeeed Joey Paydirt! You might wanna keep me on speed dial! Put me in your phone as Joey Paydirt too!" Well we will think about it. Great week lets see what you got this week !!  Lets check the standings


   1. Hong Kong Street Pharmacist

   2. Moco Loco                                                        62pts

   3. Equalizers                                                          90pts

   4. Burrow my dick in yo ass                                105pts 

   5. SIlly Gooses                                                       109pts

   6. Prebathtubwhitney                                          130pts

   7. Flyingdingoes                                                     136pts

   8. Charlies Angels                                                   147pts

   9. Slippery Wizards                                                 184pts

 10. Doom and Gloom                                               247pts




    We are on to week 10 and it looks like this may be the last week to make a move on HK Street Pharmacists as Lamar and Andrews will be on bye. The fight for last is turning into a two man race at this point as Slippery Wizards and Doom and Gloom are being left back from Flyingdingoes and Charlies Angels the last couple of weeks. The fight to get to third is as tight as it has been all year. The waivers look bare this week it might be time to explore some trades! Good luck, lets stay healthy and as always folan.com for everything.

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