Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 8 update

From the desk of TMX a fantasy football reporting source with a loose affiliation with

Week 7 has come and gone with some great individual performances Roddy White, Run-Dmc, AP, and the rest of the usual suspects. Unfortunately none of those guys were on Bobby Browns Other Kid's team. Bbrown's roster produced as follows: JCulter 7 points ( good time for a bye or goodbye) Cedric Benson 6.5; Shady Mccoy 12 points; Miles Austin 4.5 ( pretty sure we spoke to Miles last week) Terrell Owens 18.5 TEAM LEADER; Shiancoe 4pts; J Brown (no relation to bobby) 5pts and Vikes D 6 points for a total of 64 points and last place for the week. The star of Bbrowns Mr. Reggie Wayne was on a bye so that accounts for some of the points lost but TMX never uses byes as an excuse. TMX digs deeper and investigated the reason for this last place finish.

The reason for Bbrowns last place finish can only be pointed to one thing. Blog envy. Plain and simple. Mr Brown isnt getting enough blog time, never on the dart review, doesnt get text of the week and has even sent in pics to be the first kickoff of the weekend and was denied. TMX did however go out and talk to Brett Favre and ask him why he cant be the qb he's expected to be. He started to cry and say he feels bad then TO called us crying and said "thats my quarterback y'all" basically like these phone calls Bbrowns team is a mess. Fortunately its only week 8 and there is plenty of time to turn this ship around. The league deadline is a few weeks away and he can always pull off a blockbuster trade for a qb or hope his guys get hot either way he should be safe last time I checked the Slippery Wizards were still in last and still had Wes Welker starting.

TMX also did some investigating with the newest member of the league Dillons Villenz and found out that he will not trade with anyone due to the fact that "he doesn't want you getting the points so he'd rather just sit the guys on the bench" a very interesting approach for the guy who took the place of Iggles who quit cuz no one would trade with him? As always for everything, good luck this week and at least you didn't QUIT like Iggles.

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