Monday, October 25, 2010

Its almost November

Where are the weekends going? They are obviously too short. Maybe we should all go to a 4 day work week, where we work Monday through Thursday for 10 hour days? Sounds ideal to me.

Onto what I learned this weekend:
1. Salt and pepper hair looks blondish under the black light of the strip club.
2. Cain Valezques is a whole lot tougher than he appears.
3. The Fours in Quincy is a hot spot on Saturday nights.
4. They actually serve turkey dinner at the Annual Turkey shoot golf tournament.
5. Vanessa Marcil is dating Jilian Michaels. Yes - Brian Austin Greens babies momma is dating the lady from the biggest loser.
6. They have a sausage cart set up outside the door of the Golden Banana.
7. Glass doors for fire places are more expensive than I thought they would be.
8. Charlie has a hood pass now for Roxbury. I saw him pick it up Friday night. It may say Carlos though.
9. People still refuse beers because they don't want to buy a round for everyone in the group. What are we in high school?
10. Maybe I shouldn't of called out Barker. I got my head on a swivel and am peeping around corners. Rumor has it she is out for blood. You know what I say - see ya on December 11th.
11. People seem to have the need to constantly remind me that my wedding is coming up. "Its almost a month a way", "Are you excited", "Are you nervous", "Why is so and so going" and the ever popular "Why wasn't I invited".
12. The clerks at the Verizon store are kind of dicks.
13. I look like a Jim Masterson, right? I mean if strippers are gonna give me a false name then I am rolling as Jim Masterson at any and all strip clubs.
14. Dennis the lawyer can tell a damn good story. When I die I hope he does my Eulogy.
15. Steve Sweeney - LEASH LAW BRO!!

Lots of good responses back from the Alyssa Milano kick off. If you have any requests please let me know.

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