Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Darts Update Week # 6

As we are about to reach the halfway point of the season, things are starting to look good for the squad. We had a solid showing of players with 8 and we were playing the last place team in an "away" match at Peggy's. Some of the matches looked easy on paper, but proved to be tougher than we thought. Although we missed few opportunities, we came out with a nice 8-3 victory which should move us right back into the playoff picture.

Breakdown of the matches:
Lost the 1st 601, Won the 2nd. (1-1)
Won the 1st and 3rd cricket and lost the middle game. (2-1)
Lost the 1st 301 and swept the next 5. (5-1)

DW made his bid for "The Shot of The Year" with his finish in the 1st game of his 301 match. He was sitting on 89 with his opponent shooting at double 1 to end it. He stepped up, called his shot and hit 19, 20 and DOUBLE CORK! It is stuff like this that creates legends (think Babe Ruth). I think the early leader for the honor of SOTY still goes to "Sean Larry" for closing a very close cricket game with a three dart out hitting Bull, DOUBLE BULL, and a 16!

While he might be second in the shot of the year, as a consolation I'll give him first place for the line of the night with "Damn man, I can't be on charge of buying all the beers and distributing them and the music as well." I gotta give the man credit, I don't think anyone waited for a drink and he was kicking some seriously great old school beats tonight.

'til next week bitches,