Monday, October 4, 2010


Apparently it is going to be raining till at least Thursday. YUCK! I hope everyone has their boots and rain gear.

I would like to thank everyone who helped Katie and I move on Saturday. Iggles, Big L, and Noonan are all animals with their moving savvy. If Iggles and Big L started a moving company at least once a week someone would go through a wall.

Lets see what I learned this past weekend:
1. Moving blows but when you get some guys together it moves quite fast.
2. Jeffrey banged out the Quad at Grumpy whites - 4 4oz pattys and a 1/2 lb of fries not too shabby.
3. People get a little pissy when there is no weekend kick off chick. I passed that task to Rio since my CPU was down.
4. Fantasy football is the cure for all that ails you.
5. Even after all their injuries the Sox at least kept themselves in the race till mid September.
6. Cats do NOT like to move to a new place.
7. After packing for a week or so I have no desire to unpack ANYTHING. Anyone care to help.
8. I never ever ever want to drive a 24 foot truck again.
9. I am excited for the fall weather. It seemed to be making its way to us.
10. Bruins season is upon us, starting this Saturday at Noon. With the Sox season being over already there will be no NESN conflicts.

Congrats to Welchie and Jeffrey for both winning their golf leagues.
Jeffrey's team sneaking in with the 8th seed and taking it all.
Welchie is now EXEMPT for life! He can just stroll in and play for the ship - the championship!

As soon as I unpack I will be posting before and after pictures.

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