Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tinder? No Thanks


As Derek reported earlier. I'm 30 and flirty.

With that comes the urging of everyone to jump on the Tinder bandwagon. You know that magical app that everyone assumes is better then adultftiendfinder.com or chat roulette.

I do yoga, I'm over 6ft, have salon quality hair and read FOR FUN. Basically a mans man. So people are a little taken aback when I balk at joining. How can such a handsome man/ good human being not be on this. It's a crime against nature. It's like Smiddy not hanging around outside Weight Watchers and Teen NA meetings. 

Well the answer boils down to this. They keep booting Transexuals off for no reason (GOOGLE IT)

You wanna run a hook up service. You run it the right way. You let Transexuals get their crack at the plate. Why? Because that's life. It's not all cut and dry my friend. There's grey areas.  It keeps people honest. Yet another example of kids today wanting everything handed to them. Is it a girl or a guy shouldn't even be a thought. 

Wahhh we won't people thrown at us but, we can't handle the fact maybe one used to be a guy. GROW UP. It's 2015 Tinder. Caitlyn Jenner basically just changed the game and made Trans life the hottest thing going.

Ever think some people may  want to hook up with a Trans person? No you didn't Tinder because your too busy cutting kids food for them and handing out participation awards.

Got news for you. Not everyone likes chocolate or vanilla. Some like a swirl. Little of both. Do some research clowns.

So there you have it. Till Tinder cleans up its act, count this guy out. I'll just stick to the old reliables; Animal Shelters and Book fairs.

PS:  In the off chance a Trans Tinder would be a highly profitable idea, I am available for consulting. Not a ton of experience but, a ton of experience in fairness.


Julie N. said...

You can meet some great people on Tinder (what I've been told)...I have friends that found their boyfriends on Tinder. I have friends that joined Tinder to fuck around (see story below). It's who you want to contact, swipe right (wink, wink). I've been out at a bar where my girlfriend saw two of the dudes she was talking to....they were friends (ooops). It was quite dramatic. Ps. I've seen how the app works but won't join....my 2 cents.

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