Monday, January 17, 2011

Just another case of the Mondays...

That weekend was tough. The B's lost Saturday night and the Pats took a dump on all the hard work they did all season with a shit show of a game yesterday. I know some of you will just say oh well pitchers and catchers report in a month but we ain't getting down like that! The Celtics and the Bruins are first in their divisions and here is to hoping they stay that way.

Hmm Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Samoans are also huge Mormons.
2. When drunk friends wrestle at a bar its just AWKWARD for everyone involved.
3. You don't ever really need to the birthday boy out to celebrate his birthday, right Smiddy?
4. Like using my grandfather is sick story to get a better tip is gonna work, wait did it?
5. Jeffrey is like a young Tom Jones with his karaoke singing. This is his song...
6. Cheifdude can stop bad ass dogs that Derek should get because we just added this guy to the family, Ronin:

7. The Fox and the Hound has pretty good food.
8. Larrie Kight can mess up some chicken teriaki.
9. Tom  Brady has had 3 straight playoff losses.
10. Mini Donkeys rule:
11. It is always good to see Mikey Layden out and about on a Saturday night.
12. Tough weekend for Rio, or maybe we should call him Jinxy, he went to both the B's and the Pats losses - OUCH!!
13. Sometimes a good deal is not always a good deal.
14. I love how Stop and Shop will text you when your deli order is ready.
15. Riccio loves any and all things to do with drinking, boozing or getting fucked up. His favorite team is the Brewers!
16. Who can resist buckets of beers for $15??
17. Hyundai has a $60,000 vehicle - the Hyundai Equus!!