Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heat wave

Its a whole 17 degrees out today which feels like a god damn heat wave.

Love to start the day with a WOOT off, they always makes me smile. Basically a woot off is great deals all day. Once the item sells out they move on to the next item.

This is what I learned this past weekend:
1. Fuck Global warming!
2. I can't believe I have yet to go to a meat raffle.
3. Smiddy loves the Guitar Hero microphone, it is his own personal karaoke.
4. It gets even colder up at the Sunapee region of NH. I couldn't live way up there.
5. I love how we get 3 extreme cold days in a row and all of a sudden everyone wants to move to Florida! Get over yourselves.
6. I miss the dog track.
7. You can not have spicy pulled pork sandwiches without baked beans. You just can't.
8. Hot chocolate should never be made with water, only warmed milk.
9. There should be more social events that make you start boozing at noon.
10. Waking up at 3 am because your furnace has tripped out is not fun, that's twice in 2 weeks.
11. Lots of people bitching about Chrissy being slow with his kick off the week girl and Smiddy not doing any more food reviews, yet no one is stepping up. Ill add anyone to be a blog contributor.
12. Puppy teeth are like razor needles.
13. Everyone is ball sucking the Green bay Packers, I hope they get blown out.
14. Where are all the Super bowl squares?

Sorry I am posting this a day late but yesterday was crazy hectic.

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