Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week 15 recap

Week 15 has come and gone!! The races are getting tight! 
Beach Bums two weeks ago was 92.5 out of first they are now 27.5!! They are this weeks winners with a whopping 176.5! Sending notice to all that ground can be made up and made up quickly if you make the right moves!! TMX which is always here to help gave some advice to team Smelchie that they may want to back up AP on Monday night. It was quickly met with team spokesman Wes Cash saying they had faith in their rb staff and wouldnt make any moves. That was overturned by the leader of the squad Smiddawg himself! They picked up Gerhart and inserted him into the lineup when AP was a late scratch!! Its moves like these that could make or break their season we are witnessing a historical fall and rise if MFNMP is able to rise and make it to the money!! The bottom is just as tight 59pts separates the bottom 3 and 71 for the bottom 4! 

Now on to the last place finisher- Bobby Browns Other Kid. The breakdown is as follows: Campbell 15pts; Mccoy 9; Stewart 17.5; Austin 10.5; Wayne 5.5; McMichael 7.5; Reed 1; Titans 12 for a total of 78 points! Mr Bbrown is no stranger to this column we've made numerous calls on his behalf in an attempt to help him. At this point he made want to just put out who he thinks he should start and then start his bench. This week that bench scored 106 points!!! The 28 point difference would have jumped him to 8th instead of 9th where he is now!! 

Obviously this approach made not always work so we instead made another call to a man we have on speed dial Mr Miles Austin. Hey Miles its us TMX whats going on? " man why you bugging me this week I got a td i'm doing all I can for Bbrown, lay off bro, lay off" Whoaaa easy Miles we were calling you to say thanks for finding the endzone, although the old goat Kitna threw for 300yds and you got only 38? what gives? " Look I told you the fool cant throw it deep why dont you ask Reggie Wayne what his deal is? Some concussed clown tripled his points" Eeeek uhm ok Miles good luck this week. Obviously the pressure is mounting down in the basement. We did Miles the favor and called Mr. Wayne. Hi Reggie its TMX hows it going? "TM-who how'd you get my number, did i go to the U with you? I aint never heard of no TMX?" Well we report on fantasy sports and we were wondering if you knew you had 5 catches for 34yds this week basically killing team Bbrown? " wait hold up, i put up 38pts two weeks ago and team Bbrown aint said NOTHING you tell dat fool it MY PREROGATIVE yeah you heard me and tell P-manning  to stop throwing to the dude who gets concussions! R-wheezey OUT. Well I think TMX just about guaranteed a big game from Mr. Wayne!

Once again TMX here to help! Guy sounded fired up!! Two weeks left lets finish strong and dont QUIT like Iggles did! Happy Holidays to all and will be open late for last minute Christmas and early Kwanzaa gifts. 

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