Saturday, December 18, 2010


well well well. lots of drama this week in the celebrity world. i really thought i was gonna do a spread on one of the three newly single ladies. we have jennifer carpenter from Dexter. dereks personal favorite and a blog regular, scarlett johansson. another young disney star favorite of mine vanessa hudgens. who to chose? well i received a text earlier this week- "can we get some hazel mae or some other gook for the kick off broad" now i dont drop names here at kickoff so i wont reveal the source. now i havent had any requests yet on the comments or my personal email, so being my first i am happy to give my readers what they want. upon hearing that i got, "yes! aint had chinese on that thing yet" well doing some research, i have come up with moon bloodgood. she has been in a few movies but i dont know much about her until i saw her in maxim. hope she does it for you.