Friday, December 17, 2010

Dart Darts Darting

Well, since I have been back from my honeymoon, I have been waiting for Mike "Prez" Foley to do a dart update. I mean where is the run down of  last matches of the season, where the winner  moved into the playoffs and the loser went home to go sledding till next season? It is now almost 2 weeks later and still no updates...WTF MAN?

So as el capitan of this darting ship, I am going to do a review. So to answer your question, yes the guys won 8-3 while I was away and not only squeaked into the playoffs but secured the 3rd seed. Combining Tuesdays and Thursdays dart matches together here's the review. (Just a FYI dart playoffs is a race to 12. Whatever team gets there wins and moves on. It is also a home and home series).

 As you can see, some people take their darting a little more serious than others.

Tuesday we started off with a surprise guest appearance from Crazy Bob Valente, CBV as he is known in darting circles(I guess CBV has been busy doing security/body guard duty and can't make it to darts, where are your priorities man?). The matches were fast moving and we were having trouble getting IN and OUT of the 601 matches; quickly we were down 0-2. We tried to rally and get claw back into the match during the cricket matches but we lost 2 of the next 3. So before we start any of the 301 matches we are down 4-1. Not an ideal way to start but we are not a team to get down on ourselves. After some jokes at Cliff Huxtables oops Jeb's sweaters expense we righted our ship and got back on track winning the first 3 matches and tieing things up at 4-4. I lost the 4th match but that didn't dampen our spirits, as we have plenty of fight and lots of booze to battle on. Now down 5-4 and Mike Foley stepping to the board, the laughs are rolling - maybe due to the numb nuts himself putting his METAL darts into a gas heater and him not thinking they would instantaneously heat up but hey who knows, the kid pulls through. All tied up, one match to go and their best player stepping to the line. We don't care. They could of sent Phil the Power Taylor up there. No one was beating Jeb! The kid was straight gasoline -game, match, set, wham, bam, thank  you ma'am. We are heading to their bar in Everett up 6-5.

Thursday finds us all meeting at Peggys before the match so that we can eat and car pool. There was a real loosey goosey feeling among the guys. I think I saw Shawn Larrie Bobby Kevin  cock grabbing, not too sure. Heading to the lions den/Everett and CBV is of course not showing. No worries, we got this, right?!? Not only is this the second half of a dart playoff match but also their bars Christmas party. Like this is a distraction to us? Free food, more people to watch the show and their other team also in the playoffs playing as well. BRING IT.

We lose the first 601, tied up again 6-6. Then we start rolling taking 3 of the next 4 matches, we are up 9-7. Only 6 matches left and the race is on, we need 3 they need 5 to move on. They front stack their team this night, placing their ace first. I believe this may of offended Jeffrey as he played lights out, up 10-7. Welchie, up next, fights for every point but his opponent squeaks by, up 10-8. Brighty's turn and as he has for most of the season, the kid bring homes a huge win, 11-8. We have 3 matches left and we need only 1 win. Surely Supah P, Jeb or Foley can bang out a quick win. I got up to get a round of beers, come back and Supah has already lost, 11-9. Can Tuesday nights hero, Jeb, keep it going and take us to the next round? The match went back and forth but in the end Jeb lost, 11-10.

Do we panic? Do we start to feel deflated? Not in the least bit. I do what any good captain would do. I buy a round, hand Foley his beer and tell him that this is the reason I filled out the roster the way I did. Now if Foley loses and they tie it up at 11-11 we go to a 3 game sudden death match - 1 game of 601, 1 game of cricket and 1 game of 301. So what does Foley do? He loses the 1st match but as we all know you need to win 2 in 301. This seems to fire up Foley, next thing I know he ties his match up at 1-1 and the last match is for all the marbles. They win, sudden death playoff, he wins we move onto round 2.
The 3rd match starts hot and fast, Foley gets right in and bangs down his number. He gets to an out number but starts to chase it till he gets to double 1. Needless to say I bet Foley is still on cloud 9 with a shit eating grin today because he banged that double 1 like a nymphomaniac after a sexaholics anonymous meeting, win 12-10.

On a side note - after I played our teams theme song - MY DICK by Mickey Avalon

The bar patrons skipped all my next songs...HAAAAAAAAA take a joke Everett.

See you guys next week for round 2 of the playoffs!

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