Saturday, December 25, 2010

Onto to the next one

First off I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New years, Happy Hanukkah and Cheery Kwanzaa!

 I had planned to do a dart review from Thursdays nights match, yesterday, but I just didn't have it in me. Now I know what you may be thinking, uh-oh they must of lost and D must be upset. It wasn't even like that. It was the shots and free beers from the bar that made me not have any zip yesterday. I am back and refreshed and I will put together a review(from whatever I can remember).

 The French Club in Chelsea is one of those member only clubs, where you can still smoke and when you leave you probably have inhaled 5 packs of butts. We started off the night up 6-5 and if we could bang out a quick 6 we could be on our way home. Like everything we do it wasn't easy. I flipped the 601 teams around and we came out with 2 wins, up 8-5. Next up was our nemesis cricket. The first match had Brighty and Jeffrey winning, up 9-5. (Mario happened to show up and show some love for the dart team but the smoke proved to be too much and he skipped out before the 301 matches.) The second match seemed to last forever with our team battling for every point but in the end Welchie and KevBarry couldn't pull off the win, up 9-6.The third match was a bigger battle as Jeb and Foley went back and forth picking up points and closing numbers but in the end they also lost, 9-7. Are we starting to worry? Not yet, but some of the team had already thought the match was over when we went up 9-5 and started looking towards who our next opponent would be. We had to stop that kind of talk as we moved to 301.

Our 301 line up looks like this:
1. Jeffrey
2. Welchie
3. Brighty
4. Supah P
5. Jeb
6. Foley

Jeffrey played well but missed a few opportunities to capitalize on some mistakes by their best player so in the end he lost, up 9-8.  We are still  not worried but palms are starting to sweat. We need at least 2 wins in the next 5 matches to have a playoff and 3 to move on. Welch banged and battled and in the end he came out on the losing end of his match, 9-9. We are officially tied and need a way to stop the bleeding. Brighty has been our best and most consistent 301 player this season and its his turn. He was having a hard time getting in and things were looking bleak, all of a sudden, like someone turned on a light switch he started playing lights out, HUGE win 10-9. Supah P turn to get us at least the tie, both players played well, P loses, tied up again 10-10. Knowing what is at stake Jeb takes it right to their captain and beats HER, up 11-10. At the very least we are in a 3 game playoff. Foley is at his best when the pressures on. He took the final match in deciding fashion, winners 12-10. We do not know who our opponent is yet but I do know we are in the semi finals.

I wonder why...

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