Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

Happy Leap day!
Now if you were born on a leap year do you have a special birthday every 4 years? Do you pick Feb 28th or March 1st as a birthday? These are things I need to know.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People are loving Dorset hall but I wasn't impressed.
2. Who gives a shit about the Oscars?
3. I think Calnan comes back to work this week.
4. Serious question: shave my head or let it go?
5. Abby Park in Milton has some bomb ass food.
6. Which one of you bitches signed me up to get betting advice from 661-675-5785?
7. I pray that Jeffrey/Sarah/Rob/Katie don't bring the Zika virus back with them from Mexico.
8. Chrissy has been known to host an after party at 3:30 am!
9. It is time for a new phone. Should I go team Iphone or stick with Android?
10. Have you seen the prices that these 1st edition of Harry Potter books are fetching?
11. What do you do if you are a 32 year old single lady who can't find a man (because you may be too picky) but really want to be a mom? Start looking into adoption!
12. Why don't they make tighty whiteys more fun? Like they do with boxers and boxer briefs? Hell, underroos were the fucking shit when you were 8.
13. Have you ever been invited to meet up with Tom Kelly but he blows you off? Yeah, you just got TK'd! Happened to me Friday night.
14. Martell is currently unemployed if you have any jobs for him he is eager to make some cash.
15. Sometimes you just need a lazy weekend to do nothing.
16. Don't forget to vote tomorrow.
17. ...what? Why yes Mario lost his high school alumni game. The 1st time in 21 years.
18. There is nothing worse than people owing you money.
19. When do the clocks go ahead?
20. Anyone have any old Xbox 360 games kicking around? Jeffreys looking for some.
21. First of all how is Sandler still making movies and second of all how did Pixels ever get made? Probably the worst movie ever made.
22. Are the Bruins buyers or sellers this season?


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