Monday, March 7, 2016

Is March

In like a Lion out like a Lamb? Can you believe that spring is only 13 days away? Rumor has it Wednesday it may hit 70 degrees.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Tom Kelly is officially on the wagon. The over/under on days he stays on it is currently 21 days.
2. Smiddy is alive, as verified by Joe Martell, and in love (I think this is the one).
3. Who knew Buffalo Wild Wings would be so packed for the UFC fights. The food is still not good.
4. To shave or not to shave that is the question.
5. Is there anything worse than your cell phone not taking a charge anymore?
6. Jeffrey and crew are back from Cancun, pretty sure he didn't Natalee Halloway his wife.
7. Lucky Brand jeans are pretty damn comfortable.
8. Connor Mcgregor's is good for the UFC but people were really upset by his loss and I can't understand why.
9. It is funny to hear everyone all of a sudden being an expert in politics.
10. Black, Copper or Green? That is my dilemma with getting a new Weber grill.
11. There is nothing worse than a lingering cold. Fucking thing just wont go away.
12. What is a better vacation spot - Portsmouth, NH or Portland, Maine?
13. Is there an age when getting a new tattoo is passe?
14. After a third test it has been confirmed that I currently do not have glaucoma. I know you pot heads are a little bit sad.
15. The ribs from the Texas road house are still good.
16. Would you be interested in eating a corned beef sausage?
17. Even though he is getting snipped on March 17th, Chrissy still wants to try for another one. But you didnt hear that from me.
18. We have all dropped a gallon of milk on the floor, right? What a fucking mess to clean up.
19. How  long do hard boiled eggs stay fresh for?
20. I was told the secret to golden brown grilled cheese is to spread the outside of the bread with mayonaise and not butter.

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