Monday, February 1, 2016

Spring time

Man mother nature is a fickle beast. One day we have blizzard warnings the next its 60 and shit!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. If anyone complains about how warm it is today or this week you have my permission to punch them in the face.
2. Bar hopping in Hull was a success - Bridgemans is fancy and wouldn't serve us but other than that I say if you have a slow day hit em all up. But I think some time in the summer Jeffreys gonna get one going for PKD.
3. Still haven't heard of any concrete Superbowl plans.
4. It is god damn hard to get rid of super bowl squares if the Pats are not in it. I still don't get that.
5. It is tax season and I am hearing people are getting returns back in 5-7 days?
6. Angelos in Quincy seems to be going down hill.
7. As fancy pants Mario how Davios was this weekend. The LONGS do it up big.
8. How many of you people watched Grease live?
9. Whats on your bucket list?
10. Apparently they are still smashing peoples mail boxes in Bridgewater.
11. Why is it If your opinion is not the popular opinion then it is viewed as wrong? I mean it is an opinion.
12. I think the more people Hate Cam Newton the more I like him.
13. Anyone have a prop bet list? Im taking Cam 1st rushing td of the game.
14. I am pretty damn excited for Deadpool. Just saying see ya next Friday!
15. Rumor has it that Supah Ps bachelor party may be in Pittsburgh.
16. Guacamole can be hit or miss.

That is all I have for now.

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