Monday, February 22, 2016

Its go time

We are skipping all the bullshit this week and going right to things I learned:

1. Calnan is a crazy person magnet.
2. It is very scary, almost hitting a deer.
3. I saw Dead Pool for a second time, don't judge me.
4. People are dancing in the streets because of this insane weather.
5. Look what Rio got:

                                  (There is a rumor that TK cried while watching the ceremony)

6. The burgers at the Rivershed are bomb ass.
7. I tried to go to Dorsett Hall but I guess they don't open for lunch yet.
8. The Chiefdude is trying very hard to win power ball so he can quit his job.
9. Who knew that Calnan had a whole Eskimo family?
10. Sunday Funday with Chrissy and Jeffrey gets out of hand - Lunch and a movie turned into drinking at a chinese food joint all day.

I gotta jet ya know work and shit.
I know I didn't have time to do the whole list this week.

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