Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Now what

Right after the super bowl is kind of the worst for sports. We have the NBA and hockey kind of running through the motions, baseball spring training starting up and some people are gearing up for golf.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mario is pretty lucky with squares. I think he hit one 4 years running.
2. Blazing Paddles at Game on is really bright and fun.
3. Chrissy has plenty of beers and food left over from his super bowl party.
4. The ground hog said spring is springing early. Ill believe it when I see it.
5. I think naps are essential on snow days.
6. Is anyone else excited for Lucic's return tonight at the garden?
7. It never fails, that anytime I fall asleep (Pass out) on my couch my back kills the next day.
8. If you mention fucking truck day to me I will punch you in your junk, male or female. Stupidest fucking thing on the planet.
9. Some of you are really pushy waiting for blog updates, huh? I mean everyone knows I don't work the day after the Super bowl. Call it a Derek Holiday.
10. Little kids remember the most obscure things ever.
11. It is pretty sad that I have xmas gifts still at my house that I haven't delivered.
12. Have you seen how small the Celeste pizzas are now?
13. Jeffrey is looking for investors for his buffalo chicken dip condiment company.
14. I still have not yet started up my snow blower. Ha suck it mother nature.
15. More places need to sell MGD!
16. The pizza at Game On is really good. Like surprisingly good.
17. Has anyone heard from Lauren Brady? She was MIA this weekend. Hope she isn't in a dungeon somewhere getting sprayed with a hose.
18. Who are you voting for?

Ok gotta jet. 

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