Monday, October 12, 2015

Another day closer to Christmas

I mean honestly is this year flying by or what? It seems like only yesterday we were killing hot dogs and hamburgers at the Fourth of July cookouts.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Ruths Chris is still bomb ass even after changing their menu a bit.
2. There was an angry Iggles sighting this weekend.
3. I go to straight Budweiser anytime a place only serves a few select beers.
4. Congrats to Tom and Marie on their nuptials.

5. Fantasy football has been in the dumps this year, GARBAGE!
6. It is Columbus Day ya'll lets hope you guys are celebrating that.
7. Who doesn't like a surprise birthday party?
8. Took a glass blowing class on Saturday at Luke Adams Glass Studio:

9. As the angriest blogger in America has said (In not so many words) - The Boston Bruins may be in some big time trouble.
10. There is nothing worse than being sick at work.
11. #TeamIphone complains that this blogs back ground messes with their views so I changed it, I am easy like that.
12. I think someone stole my belt...who would do such a thing? I mean now my pants fall down.
13. The Lunch Box deli in Norwood is great.
14. Has anyone heard from Tom Kelly? Rumor has it he has been looking for a new local bar to hang out at.
15. Chrissy has really stepped up his Uber game since he heard CVG was in the game.
16. Jeffrey is headed to Myrtle Beach this weekend. Let us pray that it has dried out down there.
17. If you are born in October then all your decorations are pumpkin based, deal with it.
18. Does it seem like the NFL is watered down this year or what?
19. Mike G is alive and kicking. He may also be working on baby number 3!!
20. Katie had no idea what Neflix and Chill was...I mean hello it is 2015.

That is all the time I have for right now. I am off to celebrate Columbus day with some double time and half work time!