Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with a bang

I know its getting late in the day and people are worried that I would wait until tomorrow to post things I learned. Well guess what bitches, here it is.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. There are some creepy fucks that work at the 99!!
2. If you are gonna bring in a Golden Tee ringer, make sure he has played SINCE 2004.
3. How the hell did I find out about Caswells closing HOURS before it closed. Thats some bullshit.
4. I always randomly(inadvertently) find out someone follows this blog.
5. Nothing beats a good old fashion, all day cooking , homemade pasta sauce.
6. This chipotle chicken sandwich from D'Angelos is no joke.
7. Julian can mother fucking eat.
8. People are talking about fantasy football for next year, I am just happy this years over. I am officially retiring Madd Fucking Niggerish and rebranding for next season.
9. As much as I sucked at fantasy this year, Big shout out to my wife, Katie who won her league with the help of Marshawn Lynch, Cam Newton and Trent Richardson.
10. Welchie is officially off the market ladies, have no fear though, Supah P is still DTF!
11. Nothing is worse than being in WWF jail when you can't start any games with anyone.
12. No matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone.
13. Do not take the time to watch Poe. It is kind of a slow paced ehh kind of movie.
14. It is bullshit  that you cant use gift cards towards your Home Depot credit cards.
15. Jackie Chan is a classically  trained opera singer. WHO CAN FUCK YOU UP!
16. If you text the word Seaworld to 26739 you can be entered to win a trip to Seaworld Antartica to hang out with Penguins. Please don't forget me if you win.
17. You have 1 more day to get your 50/50 raffle tickets from the Mass state lottery.
18. Do people actually stick to their New years resolutions?

Lets hope the Pats make it to the Superbowl again.
I will chat with you all next year.

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