Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little FYI

My birthday is only 17 days away...if you are out there looking for gifts for me. I am a size 12 in sneakers, a size 38 in pants and a 2xl for shirts.  Oh yeah my birthday is also on a Friday night so if you have babies line up the baby sitters now.

Sorry I couldn't get to the blog yesterday. It was a tad bit busy being 64 in Boston and all.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. I would rather work any Saturday over a Sunday.
2. Some broads get so mad about strip clubs. I don't really get that.
3. Scituate is holding meeting to discuss marijuana distribution centers locations. I am sure the residents love that.
4. Anyone looking for a town house condo up on the North shore? Mikey T is gonna out his place on the market.
5. Jeffrey may be out for hockey this year. He doesn't seem to be able to get a baby sitter...anyone?
6. Believe it or not Chrissy is off for the rest of 2012 so if you are looking to party hit him up.
7. The new Howie Mandell game show is straight up trash.
8. Mikey Layden always seems to put me in a good mood.
9. Is there any worse spot to get a zit than inside your ear lobe?
10. The Japanese population is so old that they sell more adult diapers than baby diapers.
11. This may be the last year for street hockey. No one seems that interested.
12. How much mucus and phlegm can the body produce when you are sick? I mean I must have coughed up at least 5 gallons of the shit.
13. Going to the dentist is just inconvenient.
14. People who are complaining about 65 degrees in December need a swift punch in the junk.
15. Iggles says he gets 53 miles per gallon in his Prius. I MEAN HOLY HELL!
16. TK and I are no longer on speaking terms if he pulls a typical TK move on Saturday and blows off hockey.
17. Would you rather go to Fuddruckers, Kowloon, or Buffalo Wild wings for lunch?
18. I may be off for the second Christmas in a row. Talk about a streak.
19. Why is it people have an opinion, they state it but if yours is contradicting or different they rip you?
20. My wife only buys vegetable soup. I'm home,  sick as a dog and I want some chicken noodle soup or beef barley, hell ill take Dinty Moore beef stew. Nope we only have veggie this or veggie that, cream of some fucking veggie. I went and bought a bunch of soup when I got better, ya know for next time.
21. Is anyone buying the 50/50 raffle tickets from the Mass Lottery?
22. The longer people make snide rude comments about my beard the longer I think i'll keep it.

Hey have a nice week.
Be careful out there. Its a crazy crazy world.


Riccio said...

4) Is Mikey T upgraded and moving to Lowell or Lawrence?

Julie said...

Clean your ears more often!!