Monday, December 17, 2012

1 week left

I hope everyone is out there stimulating the economy and buying up some Christmas gifts.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Joe Q loves himself some Fuddruckers.
2. I have never seen 2 different guys play hockey left handed with a right handed stick before.
3. I never want to see the day shift at the Golden Banana again.
4. Do chicks really believe guys can't get strippers? I mean Greek is dating one.
5. You really can not beat $15 dollar buckets of beers, even if it feels like you crashed a house party.
6. Supah P not only does landscaping but that mofo even takes down trees,
7. Shaun Larry took a ball off the face during hockey and now has a shiner.
8. Why are Patriots fans so arrogant?
9. The Hobbit was ok. I give it 3 1/2 out of 5.
10. Since when is your dick not above your balls? I mean thats right above your balls, right?
11. Rumor has it Jeffrey couldn't make hockey this year due to a HANGOVER!
12. Chrissy is getting all new windows in his house, suck it drafty windows.
13. According to the drunk irish kids outside the Granite Rail, its the place to be on Saturday nights for a kick ass band.
14. I think that may of been the last street hockey game.
15. Would anyone be apposed to the Yankee regift party being on Saturday, January 12th instead of the 5th?
16. How many times can you be told that you look homeless before you actually shave and get a haircut? I am currently on  8 times in 2 days...going strong.
17. Mikey T does not like to be in a car with the gas light on.
19. Wal-Mart is so ghetto.
20. The dart team is looking for some new blood. Anyone interested??
21. It is awfully hard to get everyone together for Christmas.
22. You know that you are getting old when you bring Advil with you.

Hey good luck shopping out there guys, and please remember my birthday is a on a Friday this year.
Bottoms up!


The Rhode Island guy who used to work at UH said...

3. I was there during the day and the same stripper came out with different wigs and costumes. The DJ introduced her with a different name each time.

not Calnan said...

Calnan deserved mvp of that hockey game not Whitley