Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have been a little busy with shit in my life so I haven't had any time to blog.

This is what I have learned over the past 2 weeks:
1. People check the blog more regularly than I thought.
2. I can not wait for the Fall.
3. It drives me crazy when people spell my name wrong.
4. If you can't count on your family and friends then who can ya count on?
5.No one likes to be called Cunty eyes.
6. Smiddy got a second driving while texting offense and had his license suspended 45 days and has to go to drunk class?
7. Game on takes Cali licenses as Canadian?
8. I love me some Miller High Life light:
9. Who gets stung by a bee? I fucking did.
10. I have no idea why the hash browns at DD don't get no love.
11. Tiling a floor is harder than it  looks.
12. Never leave your nephew alone with a metal level...he may get a scrape or 2.
13. Mario is making moves for a condo/townhouse.
14. A guy in my fantasy league is dating Traci Bingham, yes the black chick from Baywatch.
15. Chrissy offered Shaun Larry out and I wonder why he isn't invited to the wedding.
16.I heard a rumor FrankBrown is alive and working for Boston Air.
17. Los has a 1965 CJ Cruiser that he is restoring. I am kind of jealous.
18. Mike Layden may be making the trip to Foxwoods on September 22nd.
19. Anyone interested in a suicide pool?  Let me know!
20. Jeffrey still hasn't floated his boat yet but it is registered.
21. I love how quickly everyone has turned on the Sox. It makes the beer lines longer.
22. Auction fantasy drafts are not for everyone.
23. Mikey T is off to Vegas if anyone has any legit bets. Let the man know.
24. Darts starts tonight. I am still officially retired but I will be by from time to time to show my support.
25. I was informed that Storage Wars is fake. They actually stage the items in the lockers... BOOO!
26. Walking a dog for 4 miles every morning, while on vacation, sucks.

I hope everyone has been well. I will update more often.


Julie said...

You also get free sox tickets with a Cali license... then the tickets are given to a scalper for 10 bucks! Definitely, worth the 10 bucks...thats a beer at Fenway. Yes, the hash brown at DD is amazing. I had it when I was home.

Anonymous said...

Smid get bagged in Vegas on that? Here in Mass its only a $200 fine.Not like that kid lies,so must of been out of state..