Monday, September 17, 2012

Right at it


Okay now that I got that off my chest.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. This whole NHL lockout sucks. Its frustrating that these billionaire owners are not happy making billions(The NHL made 3.2 BILLION last year) they wants to nickle and dime the players. I hope the players stand together and wait these owners out. The owners will start feeling it in their pockets when they aren't selling draft beers for $8.25.
2. If you are looking for a jinx at the Pats game - look no further :

3. I have never seen anything funnier than Chrissy trying to wheel a shopping cart through/into the Quincy Jade Chinese food kitchen WITH A DRUNK GUY IN IT!
4. Jeffrey is in for Foxwoods this Saturday.
5. Who comes to the Beach Comber with $26.00 and expects to be drinking for the night?
6. I always knew the drunk Irish loved chinese food but not so much as to take a taxi from Milton to get it in Quincy.
7. Shaun Larrys wedding invite came and it is fancy. I think Chrissy is still waiting on his.
8. Jeffrey claims he never checks this blog anymore...Hey JEFFREY GO FUCK YASELF!
9. DJ. Brighto goes to court tomorrow for his 3rd DUI case. Lets all pray for him (And his asshole - prison doesnt sound like a good time)
10. Ali Mac apparently goes to Not Your Average Joes a little more than most. 
11. Putting away all my lawn furniture into the garage is like playing a real life game of Tetris.
12. I love going to the meat counter at Roxies and have them cut me something.
13. This cooler weather has my dog all full of piss and vinegar. He has so much energy now.
14. Is it weird that I call my truck RG6? That is what the license plate reads and thats what I call it. 
15. Chrissy knows just about every Pearl Jam song but he couldn't tell you the names of the songs.
16. I know mistakes happen but getting the wrong pizza sucks. 
17. WHO LIKES FRESCA?? I mean anyone?
18. I watched the Hunger Games - that movie blows. I also watched Snow White and the Huntsman - that was pretty decent.

Till Next week and good luck with all your suicide picks.


chrissy said...

3.) Watching backseat lover play the 94' set list from the garden followed up by chineese food was great. Pushing this guy in the kitchen then getting hi fives from every drunken irish guy was priceless!

chrissy said...

5) not only did grillo bring $26, but he ordered shots on his 1st round!

chrissy said...

7) I'm from the bury but I now live in pembroke. Maybe Shaun Larry got my address wrong

Anonymous said...

Who died and made Chrissy Riccio? 3 replies? Easy kid easy