Monday, August 30, 2010

Summers almost over

Where did this summer go? It seems like just last week we were celebrating Memorial day and now Labor day is speeding towards us.

Lets get to the things I learned this weekend:
1. Deep fried corn is nasty!
2. The Marshfield fair is great for people watching - mullets, mustaches and teenagers with babies.
3. Do not compress ceiling insulation. The Home depot crew informed me you may as well not put it there then.
4. Tommy and Mary's baby looks just like my mother.

(look at the bags under my eyes...I am sleepy)
5. Chrissy's step father, Hendu, lays the pipe.
6. The UFC live sucks and is a waste of money, even if you are sitting in a suite:

7. My dad is borderline agoraphobic. It seems like he can't be out of his house for more than 20 minutes.
8. Big things for my brothers this past week - 1 got engaged while the other had his first baby.
9. When you go to Home Depot you spend a minimum of $80 dollars. It is like a cover charge.
10. Choosing paint colors and schemes is tougher than Katie thought, everyone has an opinion.
11. $512.85 for 3 cases of Coors light is down right absurd.
12. I guess if you google Zarex, this blog comes up on the 1st page.

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