Monday, August 9, 2010

Hope you brought an umbrella today

The rain is coming today. I hope it comes in fast and leaves in a hurry.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. When you shave your head people have a tendency to freak.
2. Smiddy is now Bob the Builder.
3. Nothing says a good time like being passed out on the couch:

4. The 1st degree burn Doritos are so hot that I got the hiccups.
5. Mikey T still drinks straight pickle juice for his hangover cures.
6. TK enjoys house and yard work. Then relaxing with a few brews.
7. Framing stairs isn't as hard as I thought:

8. Have you ever seen a dance off, over empty beer bottles? Well then you haven't been living.
9. Grumpy Whites has a whole new set up. The bar is now in the back.
10. Chael Shonnen is a MMA beast. I am still upset by his loss.

I'll be working down the house most of the week if anyone wants to stop by and help out.

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