Wednesday, May 12, 2010

B's tonight...

Look at these playoff stats:

Wheeler -6
Ryder -4
Paille -2
Sobotka -10
Begin -6
Ference -8
Mcquaid -4
Stuart -3
Thornton -3

A FUCKING -10 FROM SOBOTKA?? What the hell dude? I know you are a mini wrecking ball out there but maybe you should stop trying to bury people in the corners and start burying pucks in the back of the net?

Stuart you have only played in 2 game? The have scored 9 goals in that time. You have been on the ice for 1/3rd of their goals. Do something damn it!

Ference basically you skate around behind the net looking to make that stupid off the boards pass. Move the puck forward.

Ryder and Wheeler the point is to put it in the net. As Derek Sanderson would say...SCORE MORE GOALS!

Begin you go from making a great play to looking like you just put on skates. What gives man?

I hope the Bruins step it up tonight and finish this thing off. I don't feel comfortable with a game 7 even though it is at the Garden. Just like the Celtics stepped it up last night, they should be able to do it tonight.

Plus I don't want to have to give Iggles his Yuengling.

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