Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Darts Week 14 update

We played our final regular season match tonight at the ODP. We began the week in 3rd place with 80 points, 5 points behind 2nd, 4 points ahead of the 4th place team and 6 points ahead of 5th/6th place teams. All season long we worked hard enough to put us in this position where as long as we won a few matches, we should be able to secure a spot in the playoffs. Bob V drove all the way back from Cali and I cut my family trip to Florida short to make sure we were there to close out the season. MW was MIA, but we had plenty of players so we did not have to concede any matches. When it was all said and done we lost 6-5 but that should be good enough to earn us a spot in the playoffs. It should have been a 6-5 victory, but because I sucked at math at a critical time we only took 5 points. Anyway, we will know Monday or Tuesday if we made it and who we will be playing so I am sure DW will post the info on the blog inviting his readers to come down and support us as we begin our drive to the state championship.
The breakdown of the matches:
Split the first 2 601's 1-1
Won 2 of 3 Cricket matches which was huge against an Irish team that likes to point and as anyone that follows our team knows we do not play well against teams that like to point.
Lost 4 -2 in the singles matches. Again if I was able to do 2nd grade math we would have split the singles 3-3.

Now for the fun stuff!
I am sorry the blog entries over the past 2 weeks were not up to my usual standards.
I missed one week and DW filled in and I did not have it in me to step it up last week so I hope I'll make up for it tonight. As there was no music tonight that eliminated a paragraph so I decided to replace it with a new piece...The Keys to victory going forward!

If we want to advance in the playoffs here is what I think each player needs to do...
I need to learn how to subtract, and know when to offer advice and keep my mouth shut
DW needs to learn how to set up winning team combinations, take a breath between throwing each dart, and get in in the '01 matches.
Bob V needs to avoid playing women because he never beats a woman. (DW are you paying attention?)
Supa P needs to enjoy have a few j├Ąger bombs early in the night and improve on his leg kick and arm drop.
Shawn "The Rookie of the Year" needs to come back from Mexico.
Jeff needs to find a store that sells sunscreen and find another number other than double 18 to get in / out on.
Jeb needs to put the baby to bed early, start practicing and stop stressing everyone out by making every match come down to the wire.
Mark needs to lay off the hair gel, avoid the stalker, and not entertain crazy K "Karen" when the match is on the line.
Brownie needs to take another week off.

If we all do those things we should be able to advance to the next round, and I will issue another set of instructions.

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good to have you back prez!!