Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 12 Darts

Since it is school vacation week and Mike Foley decided that he was going to head down to Disney with his family, someone had to write up the dart review. I asked around to see if anyone was interested in taking a swing at it. No takers, so I then offered to pay for beers if anyone picked up the slack. Well guess what? Not one person jumped at the idea so here I sit with this review.

Just so you know it is hard to drink, play darts, keep score and write down/remember all the bullshit that goes into keeping a running diatribe/log. I don't know how you do it Mike.

At the start of the night we were sitting in 4th place, playing the 2nd place team. The 5th place team was playing the 6th place team(both of which are close to us) so every point counts:
1. ODP-Shamrocks 87
2. Irish Selct 74
3. Confused 68
4. Repeat Offenders DTF 66
5. St Marks Post 65
6. The Situation 62
7. Goodfellas 34
8. Peggy's Crew 18

Before we even threw our first darts we were at a disadvantage...we had only 5 players. We all called around to some old dart players - Pat Layden, Paul Merlino, Brownie, and MikeyShits(who's phone is no longer taking incoming phone calls) but they were all too busy or unavailable. Toughing it out with 5 guys makes it really hard to win 1 of the 601 matches, 1 of the cricket matches and no shot to win the last 301 match.

601's 1-1
Cricket's 1-2
301's 3-3
Final score 5-6

Overall we fared pretty well considering we basically started at 0-3. Supah, Welchie and Jeb banged out a win in their 601 match. Rookie of the Year candidate - Shaun Dillon and I played well in our 601 match but couldn't overcome being down a man.

Onto the cricket matches. Shaun and Jeb won largely in part to Shaun's five 15s for points. Welchie and Supah were in a back and forth battle - points, points and more points. It came down to bulls-eyes, we needed 5 they needed 3. It was a race and they just pulled it out. Then came my match. I got my ass whooped playing 2 against 1. It was fast and it was a whooping.

Now its time for the 301's. Since we had only 5 guys I decided to switch up the order of play - me, Supah P, Jeb, Shaun Dillon, Welchie, Brownie. As is the story with my game all year I can not get out in 301's. I get in quick, take it down and get stuck on my out- I lost. Supah made quick work of the guy he played - he won. Jeb's match went to a 3rd match - he won. Shaun's match was intense and also went to a 3rd match - he won. Welchie's match was a fast and furious battle. Welchie took the 1st one, almost pulled out the 2nd one and took it to him in the 3rd one. The guy got lucky with a bullshit out - he lost. At this point its all tied up 5-5. Jebs cousin showed up and played as Brownie. We still had a chance to get a 6th point. It was not meant to be as he fell in straight sets 0-2. I am happy with our overall play and the team camaraderie.

Quotes, observations and things I overheard:
Leslie calling out Jeb for not tipping her was priceless.
Shaun Dillon needs to relax his throws and only use P's darts.
The Irish guys don't wash their hands.
"Some days you play good, other days like SHITE!"
The Centre bar used to order 5-7 pizzas for the teams to share. Last night 2.
Bunky is one strange dude.
I saw a man with NO NIPPLES!!

Lets hope Foley gets back soon. On dart night I like to party and bullshit. Not try to remember shit.


Prez. said...

Great job DW and unless the volcanic ash clowds cover Florida I'll be back to resume my blogging duties.

By the way I am very impressed at the squad picking up 5 points against a pretty good and shorthanded. Let's ride that momentum for the rest of the season and into the playoffs!

Dart Pro said...

mw shouldve wrote the blog, runs his mouth enough